Food and Drug Administration: Do not buy overseas purchasing anticancer drugs through the Internet

Xinnuo Medicine 2018-09-28

According to statistics, the National Food and Drug Administration has investigated and handled 16 cases of major anti-cancer counterfeit drugs such as anti-cancer fake drugs in the “11·15” network of Heilongjiang. For example, the case of the cracked Jiangsu “12·3” Lei’s multinational purchasing and selling fake anticancer drugs: the suspect suspected that he hired an unidentified anticancer drug gefitinib from India, and posted it through Baidu Forum. Sales, with Alipay collection, send the drug to the buyer by mail. After investigation, all the drugs involved were fake drugs, involving a total amount of more than 15 million yuan. Lei’s behavior has constituted a crime and has been investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Recently, some media have exposed some businesses on the Internet claiming to sell the Indian version of "Iressa" and other anticancer drugs to domestic low prices through overseas purchasing. These drugs do not have the registered drug registration certificate number on the outer packaging, and there is no Chinese mark on the outer packaging, label, and manual, and the selling price is only 1/10 of the legal “Iressa”.

After investigation, these drugs have not been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. Most of them are counterfeit foreign famous drugs produced at domestic black dens, or they are sent to China for sale by foreign individuals who purchase unidentified drugs. They are all fake drugs.

Here, the State Food and Drug Administration reminds consumers that they should not blindly purchase and use such drugs, so as not to be deceived and threaten their health. If it is found that selling similar products, it should promptly report to the local food and drug regulatory authorities. The food and drug supervision department will conduct investigations in a timely manner to crack down on illegal production and sales of counterfeit drugs.

At the same time, remind consumers: anticancer drugs are prescription drugs. According to the Interim Provisions on the Examination and Approval of Internet Drug Trading Services, the Internet prohibits the sale of prescription drugs. There are 184 drug retail enterprises approved by the food and drug regulatory authorities with online sales of non-prescription drugs. The detailed list can be inquired through the “Data Enquiry” section of the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration. If you need to purchase medicine online, you should choose the above legal enterprise to purchase, and it should be an over-the-counter medicine.

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