China officially passed the electronic trading standard of Chinese herbal medicine products

Xinnuo Medicine 2018-09-28

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, June 22 (Reporter Chen Di) The reporter was informed on the 22nd from the expert discussion meeting on the electronic transaction specification standards for Chinese herbal medicine products held in Chengdu. The Ministry of Agriculture, China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, China Traditional Chinese Medicine Logistics Expert Committee and other departments Expert review and evaluation, China's first "Chinese medicine materials e-commerce standards" unanimously passed.

It is understood that for a long time, Chinese herbal medicines have diversified characteristics due to their natural attributes. Both the supply and demand sides must rely on the physical characteristics of the shape, color and smell of Chinese herbal medicines to complete the transaction through on-site inspection. The lack of circulation standards has become the main bottleneck for the development of e-commerce for agricultural products.

Fang Shuting, president of the Chinese Medicine Association of China, said that the electronic trading standard of Chinese herbal medicines has gathered the major research results accumulated in the past 10 years, and is specially developed for the development of e-commerce of Chinese herbal medicine products. In terms of operability, the standard discards subjective, ambiguous or descriptive expressions and establishes an easy-to-use data identification method.

It is reported that the first batch of applied standards include 1,184 subdivision product specifications of 202 commonly used Chinese herbal medicine varieties, and gradually expanded. The trading platform must, according to the standard requirements, classify the Chinese herbal medicine products on the online transaction according to quality, and ensure the transparency and fairness of transactions through modern warehousing, product sampling inspection, delivery supervision, deposit supervision, credit evaluation, etc. Make fake and other illegal acts.

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